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About Beebo

Beebo is a character in a series of children’s books. We have three: The House that Beebo Built (ISBN: 0224010913, Beebo and the Fizzimen (ISBN: 0224010921) and Beebo and the Funny Machine (ISBN: 022401093X). Each book starts with Beebo, his buddy Mop, and Mop’s hamster Hector arriving in an unfamiliar town. They work hard and well, whilst keeping mostly to themselves. In his spare time Beebo builds wonderful things out of junk—an enormous pipe organ, a mechanical fire-breathing dragon, an automatic fence-builder.

By about the middle of each book, Beebo and Mop become happy, if not rich … at which point trouble strikes: in the first book their ramshackle mansion finds itself in the middle of a apartment construction zone; in the second, Beebo wakes up one day to find his face on billboards all over town, his stolen image being used to sell soft-drink; in the third Beebo and Mop are expelled from an angry and nameless authoritarian principality for having no visa, no identity card, and no passport.

In each book, Beebo and Mop are unkindly treated by the state. We believe the theme is: the state is bad. We should all thank Philippe Fix, the author, for taking on this thankless task: it’s an important lesson for the pre-10s to learn, and it’s not one typically doled out by children’s books. (The third book is particularly bleak—it ends with Beebo and Mop growing smaller and smaller as they descend into earth.) One wonders what happened to Mr. Fix himself. A long and happy life, one hopes.