Learning All About Court

Harper’s, May 2003, p. 16.

“From ‘Learning All About Court with B.J.,’ an activity book for Native American children going to federal or tribal court published by the United States Department of Justice.”

Take this silly test to see if you can guess everyone’s job.

The Prosecutor’s job is to:

  1. Tend the animals.
  2. Ride a pony.
  3. Ask questions that will help you tell what you know or saw about a crime.

A Witness’s job is to:

  1. Tell what they know or saw about a case.
  2. Go to a powwow.
  3. Tell funny stories to their dog.

The Court Reporter’s job is to:

  1. Write down everything that is said in the courtroom.
  2. Tend cornfields.
  3. Make pottery.

The Judge’s job is to:

  1. Paint a picture of a pickup truck.
  2. Make sure the rules of court are followed.
  3. Weave a rug.

The Court Clerk’s job is to:

  1. Play the drums.
  2. Ask witnesses to promise to tell the truth.
  3. Weave a basket.

A Victims’ Advocate’s job is to:

  1. Go to the trading post.
  2. Play jump rope with the dog.
  3. Help you feel okay about going to court.

The Defense Attorney’s job is to:

  1. Play basketball.
  2. Help the defendant.
  3. Build a tepee.