Learning All About Court

Harper’s, May 2003, p. 16.

“From ‘Learning All About Court with B.J.,’ an ac­tiv­ity book for Native Amer­i­can chil­dren going to federal or tribal court pub­lished by the United States De­part­ment of Justice.”

Take this silly test to see if you can guess everyone’s job.

The Prosecutor’s job is to:

  1. Tend the animals.
  2. Ride a pony.
  3. Ask ques­tions that will help you tell what you know or saw about a crime.

A Witness’s job is to:

  1. Tell what they know or saw about a case.
  2. Go to a powwow.
  3. Tell funny stories to their dog.

The Court Reporter’s job is to:

  1. Write down every­thing that is said in the courtroom.
  2. Tend cornfields.
  3. Make pottery.

The Judge’s job is to:

  1. Paint a picture of a pickup truck.
  2. Make sure the rules of court are followed.
  3. Weave a rug.

The Court Clerk’s job is to:

  1. Play the drums.
  2. Ask wit­nesses to promise to tell the truth.
  3. Weave a basket.

A Victims’ Advocate’s job is to:

  1. Go to the trading post.
  2. Play jump rope with the dog.
  3. Help you feel okay about going to court.

The Defense Attorney’s job is to:

  1. Play basketball.
  2. Help the defendant.
  3. Build a tepee.