Disney's Unnatural Selection

Source: Harper’s Magazine, August 1998, p. 29.

“The following list is taken from an April 22 report by the United States Department of Agriculture on its investigation of several widely publicized animal deaths at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The park opened in Orlando, Florida, on the day of the report’s release. The report cleared Disney of any wrongdoing.”

Black rhino Perforated colon and diaphragm after eating a 21-inch-long stick
Greater kudu Pneumonia
Cheetah cubs (4) Drank poison
Southern gerenuk Failure to thrive
Chinchilla rabbits (8) Maternal neglect
Nile hippopotamus Sudden onset of septicemia
Guinea hog Died under anesthesia during routine examination
Mhorr’s gazelle Injuries resulting from being kicked by a greater kudu
Greater kudu Euthanized after trying to jump out of warthog enclosure.
Mole rats (2) Unknown cause
Guenther’s dik-dik Died during castration
White rhinoceros Died under anesthesia during routine examination
Oriental small-clawed otters (2) Ate poisonous loquat seeds
Thomson’s gazelle Injuries likely resulting from being kicked by an ostrich
Mhorr’s gazelle Cerebral trauma of an unknown cause
Sabel antelope Entangled in electric fence
Crowned cranes (2) Run over by Disney tour vehicle