Google analytics

9 March 2006

What’s up with Google an­a­lyt­ics at the moment? Any page that links their stat-collecting urchin.js takes forever to load (example). I’ve ripped out this code from all the pages on Beebo (I’m cur­rently point­ing to “/urchin.js”, which redi­rects to a local file; I’ll switch it back once An­a­lyt­ics is working again), but this is really annoying. And also … I don’t like Google An­a­lyt­ics all that much–it doesn’t seem to be col­lect­ing the data I want, and the data is does collect is really badly organised. Is there any stats package that pro­duces nice page- and directory-level statistics, and that works well with ex­ter­nal and in­ter­nal referrers? I had some stats code that did pretty much this, but then I lost in­ter­est in stats for about four years during which time it stopped working. Are there any measure map screen­shots float­ing around? Should I wait for that? (I’m not that im­pressed by Mint.)