HAYCORN — 9 June 2012

Sugru Tips

Some tips from a booklet that came with my packet of Sugru. I was hoping this would be online, so I could just throw the booklet out (the sug­ges­tion that you clean you hands by wiping them with tissue paper is excellent—water and soap is sur­pris­ingly and frus­trat­ingly ineffective), but it’s not, and so I’m typing it out here…

Master Your Craft

  • mix sugru to create great new colours
  • or just marble two colours for a funky effect
  • if you don’t want sugru to stick, use soapy water (it’s a release agent)
  • to remove sugru, carve most of it off with a sharp knife, then remove the rest with your finger nail and a tissue
  • carve sugru for a super sharp finish (use a scalpel when it is cured / semi-cured)
  • add texture, it feels lovely and looks awesome
  • if you want a super smooth surface—use soapy water and rub gently
  • build up your hack—sugru sticks to sugru
  • blend—add a bit of some­thing special—wool, glitter, sand…

In case you didn’t know…

  • the best way to clean your hands during / after using sugru is to wipe them with tissue paper
  • sugru cures faster at room temp (21°C)