LATELY — 4 November 1999

Things I Have That Belong to Other People

Things I have that belong to other people:

  • What Would the Com­mu­nity Think (Cat Power), Geek the Girl (Lisa Germano), some other CDs that aren’t so good. (Lachlan)
  • A very strange CD called “YPAHMTS” (Young People Against Heavy Metal T-Shirts“), seems to be by the guy who in­vented the”YPAHMTS" group, gets in­ter­viewed by journalists, etc. (Lachlan again)
  • Some book my Aunt lent me about how bad and dan­ger­ous the in­ter­net is.
  • EX­CEL­LENT video by John Safran where he pulls media stunts like going through muck-raking journalist’s garbage, has al­ter­ca­tion with journalist. (Lachlan yet again)

Things other people have that belong to me:

  • Add It Up (Violent Femmes), maybe one other CD (?) (Jenni)
  • That book by The Onion, I think it’s called Our Dumb Century–this is FUCKING HILARIOUS, you should have a copy of your own. (Tom)
  • Knock Knock (Smog) (Lachlan)
  • PC Card modem, The Design of Every­day Things (?–not sure about the book) (Haiyan)
  • My Navarro tapes (Navarro is this fan­tas­tic French de­tec­tive series) (Craig–you’ve had them for months, give them back you big meanie!)

That’s all I can think of for now.