Rocky is a Good Movie

15 November 1999

So the other day, me and my bro got our­selves com­fort­able and re­watched Rocky. And you know what? It’s one damn fine motion picture.

It’s easy enough to make fun of Sylvester Stal­lone now, what with Rocky I, II, III, IV, V; Rambo I, II, III to his name. But in 1976 Rocky was all there was–and Rocky was good. (Written by Stal­lone in three days, shot in 28; total cost $1.1 million. Result? Best Director, Picture Oscars; nom­i­na­tions for Best Actor, Actress, Screen­play … $117 million at the box office.)

It has a story, it has characters, it has grit. And then there’s that scene where Rocky and Adrian slip and slide around the ice-rink, Rocky talking without pause, Adrian saying close to nothing, the rink manager’s shouts an­nounc­ing the time re­main­ing minute by minute … that’s good, that’s very good.

“I lost that fight, but it’s a good picture, don’cha think?”