LATELY — 30 November 1999

The Advantages of Working from Home and ... a Project!

The good thing about working from home is that if you (say) decide you want go outside and blow soap bubbles for ten (or even fifteen) minutes–you can!

I’ve been thinking about starting an on-line magazine similar to theoriginalsoundtrack and McSweeney’s. Recently, it occurred to me that though the web is a medium very much suited to collaboration and co-operation, not much of it actually goes on. Instead, most people–and this includes me–spend hours each week tidying and dusting their personal sites. I think something really great could come to be if a handful of people got together and made a magazine.

What would this magazine contain? Pretty much everything: opinions, reviews, rants, fiction, non-fiction, photographs, poetry … the one exception: lists of links–the web has enough weblogs! Also, I don’t agree with the folks at Teeth magazine who say that the web “should be interlinked as much as possible”. The web makes collaboration easy and publishing cheap; it also offers a worldwide, and practically limitless audience: these are the attributes I want to make use of, not the ability to link to everything in sight.

What do you think?

[Haiyan has alerted me to bootyquake, another magazine.]