LATELY — 15 January 2000

African Animals with Unlikely Names

African animals with unlikely names:

(All these animals may be seen at the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York City.)

Name: Gemsbok
Amazing fact: “They are much hunted for trophies, their flesh is tasty, and their thick, tough skin makes good leather.”

Name: Kirk’s Dik-dik
Amazing fact: “They live in thickets and are able to go without water for long periods.”

Name: Giant Sable
Amazing fact: “Bulls without harems may be solitary or associate in small bachelor herds.”

Name: Greater Koodoo
Amazing fact: “When startled, they may run only a short distance flashing the white underside of the tail in flight, then stop to look back.”

Name: Bongo
Amazing fact: “Bongos do not usually aggregate in large herds, but generally travel in pairs.”

Name: Giant Eland
Amazing fact: “… from a standing position, it can clear another eland’s back.”

Bonus item:

This quote from Theodore Roosevelt can be found in the foyer: “I WANT TO SEE YOU GAME BOYS I WANT TO SEE YOU BRAVE AND MANLY AND I ALSO WANT TO SEE YOU GENTLE AND TENDER”. (Curiously, it appears entirely devoid of punctuation on the wall, too.)

Go brave! Go manly! Go gentle! Go tender!