Guestbook Comments Transcribed

3 January 2001

Com­ments tran­scribed from the guest­book for “Epiderm”, a col­lec­tion of pho­tographs by Larry Clark ex­hib­ited at Galerie Kamel Mennour, 60, rue Mazarine, Paris. Larry Clark’s work verges on the pedophilic–there are sec­tions called “Smoking Boys”, “Teenage Lust”, and “Blue Boy”. He also di­rected the movie “Kids” (1995).


Mr. Clark, your photos is a punch in the stomach. You’re the most pervert pho­to­graph I’ve ever seen…
P.S. And I don’t think you’re the most tal­ented pho­to­graph in N.Y.
Ka­te­rina Tsilimidon

Is anyone’s life made better?
Giao da Mike (?–obscured)

I get hard looking at your photos. Thanks Larry. cu/Paris
(I get soft, too.)