Travel Snaps

15 August 2001

In De­cem­ber 2000 I flew from Mel­bourne to San Francisco, where I saw my father . He’s a mathematician: algebra, geometry, calculus–he does all that. It was good to see my father, but San Fran­cisco is not a city that excites me terribly, and I didn’t spend much time there.

From San Fran­cisco I went to New York . (Everyone knows what New York looks like.) I took these two photos– and –near the Rock­e­feller Center. I stood in the middle of a crowd, mar­velled at the beautifully-lit flag, and waited for the wind to flap it just so. It’s difficult, I discovered, to perform this act for more than a few minutes at a time without feeling very foolish.

London. I didn’t take many pic­tures in London. Or do very much in London, but that’s okay–I’ll go back soon. (I’m car­ry­ing around a £1 coin in my wallet to spend when I go back.) These columns hold up the British Museum; this was taken in Trafal­gar Square. Pigeons don’t fly there now–the new mayor of London has had them banished…

I spent Christ­mas in London. I do rec­om­mend the hostel I stayed at–the Astor Museum Inn, just op­po­site the British Museum.

On De­cem­ber 28th I took a train to Paris. I suppose I sort of wasted Paris by not going there with a lover. Great charms were in the offing: my first-time visit has dulled them.

Notre-Dame is quite wonderful. The gar­goyles , surprisingly, were added in the 19th Century.

On New Year’s Eve I took a train to Madrid . Madrid is not worth very many pictures; Barcelona is, but when I was choos­ing pic­tures to scan, I skipped over Barcelona for some reason–sorry.

From Barcelona I went to Bilbao, mostly to see Frank Gehry’s gleam­ing Guggen­heim . There’s some good (or at least interesting) art inside too.

This is Cen­traal Station, Am­s­ter­dam . One of the few photos I took there.

When I was seven I spent ten months in Cambridge. I went to school in Coton, which is just outside Cambridge. This is my school, looking down from the top end of the soccer field. My scan­ning soft­ware guessed that the image was a black and white photo–England is a sullen, gloomy, place, but I still like it.

I took a lot of photos in Prague . There’s some story about this dog –it’s called Red Riding Hood and lives on wolf street, or it’s called “wolf” and lives on Red Riding Hood street–something like that, I can’t re­mem­ber exactly. Prague has a pretty good river , a con­crete slide , a groovy Russian-designed subway system , and another Frank Gehry build­ing .

Next, Edinburgh. Now Ed­in­burgh is painfully pretty city . Also, the castle has very clean toilets . (I’m plan­ning to move to Edinburgh.)

I took a bus from Sin­ga­pore to Kuala Lumpur; the bus stopped for a while here . This is my aunt , and this is my cousin .

And that’s it for my trip.

All the photos I scanned can be found here.