LATELY — 25 December 2001

Christmas Message

It’s about 3am on Christmas morning and quite honestly I don’t know why I’m (a) awake and (b) on-line. A little while ago I was composing an email; but then, as I was tired and I couldn’t come up with a compelling reason for sticking around to complete it, I put my computer to sleep and went to clean my teeth. Being so tired, it took quite a bit of resolve to start brushing, but somewhere midway through cleaning the upper row I perked up and, well, so here I am.

Last night I went out taking photographs with Alex. We first walked around downtown, where I took some photos of glowing 7-Elevens. After this we went to an area overlooking the docks. I got home about 5am. I didn’t get any especially striking photos, but I quite like this one:

(There are lots and lots of photos I would like to upload, but I need to rewrite my website software first.)

I’m really enjoying my friend Craig’s journal. He moved to the UK a few months ago. You should check it out.