LATELY — 8 February 2002

Miscellaneous Notes

Miscellaneous notes: (1) This is what my desktop looks like at the moment. (2) A bird flapped out of my fireplace this morning as I searched woozily for my shorts. (3) An interesting story headlined “Oral sex ups birth chances” ran on page 3 of MX today. The thesis: “A lot of condom-less sex, including fellatio, gives a woman exposure to her partner’s semen, persuading her immune system to accept foreign sperm and a foreign fetus.” The second last paragraph is: “Dekker admits it’s only one study but says a little fellatio can’t hurt.” Coincidentally, there’s a Cosmo lying around my house that asks, “Will he go if you won’t blow?” Steve, 23, says

“When my penis is in her mouth there’s an understanding that she’ll look after it and won’t let it get hurt or damaged by her teeth–that faith and respect carries into other areas of the partnership. If I can trust her with that, I can trust her with my life.”

Gee nice try Steve, but I like MX’s angle better: “but darling, your body has to learn to love my body.” Apparently, “the protective effect was strongest if the woman swallowed.”