Miscellaneous Notes

8 February 2002

Mis­cel­la­neous notes: (1) This is what my desktop looks like at the moment. (2) A bird flapped out of my fire­place this morning as I searched woozily for my shorts. (3) An in­ter­est­ing story head­lined “Oral sex ups birth chances” ran on page 3 of MX today. The thesis: “A lot of condom-less sex, in­clud­ing fellatio, gives a woman ex­po­sure to her partner’s semen, per­suad­ing her immune system to accept foreign sperm and a foreign fetus.” The second last para­graph is: “Dekker admits it’s only one study but says a little fel­la­tio can’t hurt.” Coincidentally, there’s a Cosmo lying around my house that asks, “Will he go if you won’t blow?” Steve, 23, says

“When my penis is in her mouth there’s an un­der­stand­ing that she’ll look after it and won’t let it get hurt or damaged by her teeth–that faith and respect carries into other areas of the partnership. If I can trust her with that, I can trust her with my life.”

Gee nice try Steve, but I like MX’s angle better: “but darling, your body has to learn to love my body.” Apparently, “the pro­tec­tive effect was strongest if the woman swallowed.”