LATELY — 28 March 2002

April 11th is My Birthday

What should I do with this site?

It’s my birthday on the 11th of April. I shall be twenty-six. I was hoping to hold a party where we’d set off exploding devices from Backyard Ballistics, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anymore.

I learned today that someone called Asparagirl was born on the same day (in 1979). So is Jack Saturn (in 1977). I know of two others. One is a girl I had a crush on in primary school called Shannon Powell. I did a web search for her a while back and found Mr Shannon Powell, who, as the URL suggests, is an inmate incarcerated in NY wanting a pen pal. He certainly sounds interesting: “Also willing to accept the challenge of any Lesbian by restoring her faith in A-REAL-MAN, (in all seriousness and no disrespect intended).” The other is a girl I met at The Press Club in Brisbane. This was soon after my birthday. She’d mentioned that her birthday was the week before, and so I asked her when, and she said the eleventh. It occurred to me that mentioning the coincidence would make for a particularly unclassy and unsubtle pickup line, but since I wasn’t particularly interested in her (and, as it happens, I was telling the truth!) I went ahead. I think I’ve some Polaroids of her, but I can’t at all remember her name.

My friend Chris has her birthday on the 12th, as does David Letterman. I think it’s Claire Danes’s as well. [Update: And Rebekah’s too!]

(I shall try to be more interesting in future.)