Manners These Days

28 November 2002

Hairdresser, as she returns some brushes to Shay, my hairdresser: Thanks for that Shay.
Shay, my hairdresser: That’s all right.

Have you noticed how these days the usual re­sponse to an ex­pres­sion of thanks is not You’re welcome or My pleasure but That’s all right, No worries or That’s okay? Why even the below-stairs staff have suc­cumbed to this. Just the other week a mere serving wench shot me a breezy That’s okay after I thanked her for re­mov­ing my dirty plates.

* * *

I was most amused to dis­cover this morning that PE teachers, who wear sneak­ers and sporty clothes to school, wear the exact same clothes to PE teachers’ conferences. Do they wear the same to malls, to the cinema, to weddings?