A Game of Scrabble

7 February 2003

(Tina H. vs. Michael S.—I lost; the left-over Q is mine.)


  1. IBIS was orig­i­nally IS, which was played because I was waiting for a D with which to make a triple- word- score TOWARD… This was a mistake. (IBIS was played partly to remove the ev­i­dence of the IS embarrassment.)
  2. I tried to dump the Q a few moves out from the end, but it came back a few moves later… So this was also a mistake. Is it bad form to dump it when there’s only one or two tiles left, so that your op­po­nent has to pick it up?
  3. (I would’ve played QI had the dic­tio­nary we were using listed it.)
  4. HOOP was worth 48 points. The best word I’ve ever seen played (I was watching, not playing) was DOMESTIC, which scored 140-odd points.
  5. I don’t play Scrab­ble much, al­though neither does Tina…

I’ve got a damn cold at the moment and I really hope it goes away because I’m flying to Aus­tralia to­mor­row and long flights are really hellish if your sinuses are mucked up. My two hour flight from Van­cou­ver to San Fran­cisco was pretty awful, par­tic­u­larly the descent, and the post baggage-claim stagger to the mini-van rank.