LATELY — 7 February 2003

A Game of Scrabble

(Tina H. vs. Michael S.—I lost; the left-over Q is mine.)


  1. IBIS was originally IS, which was played because I was waiting for a D with which to make a triple- word- score TOWARD… This was a mistake. (IBIS was played partly to remove the evidence of the IS embarrassment.)
  2. I tried to dump the Q a few moves out from the end, but it came back a few moves later… So this was also a mistake. Is it bad form to dump it when there’s only one or two tiles left, so that your opponent has to pick it up?
  3. (I would’ve played QI had the dictionary we were using listed it.)
  4. HOOP was worth 48 points. The best word I’ve ever seen played (I was watching, not playing) was DOMESTIC, which scored 140-odd points.
  5. I don’t play Scrabble much, although neither does Tina…

I’ve got a damn cold at the moment and I really hope it goes away because I’m flying to Australia tomorrow and long flights are really hellish if your sinuses are mucked up. My two hour flight from Vancouver to San Francisco was pretty awful, particularly the descent, and the post baggage-claim stagger to the mini-van rank.