Gillette; Benetton

30 March 2003

Have you noticed how ads for Gillette’s new Mach 3 “Turbo” say that it now gives good results “whether you shave up or down”? Clev­erly not men­tion­ing what shave di­rec­tion then non-turbocharged version was de­signed for? Thereby giving both the up-shavers and the down-shavers the im­pres­sion that the “Turbo” will enhance their shave?

Hey check out my new jacket! I got it for US$30 from Benet­ton in San Francisco! Its zip, though, I can’t quite figure out. The jacket does up with buttons, but it also has a zip, whose two halves are set about four inches from the edge of both sides of the jacket. Such that when it’s zipped up a sort of peak forms in the front, where the two pieces of excess fabric come together.

What is this zip for?! Even Benet­ton don’t know. (My mother was curious enough to call and ask them.) There was some spec­u­la­tion that it might be used to hold the jacket in shape whilst hanging in storage—the ma­te­r­ial is quite heavy and the zip is not quite sturdy enough to be the main fastening—but this ex­pla­na­tion doesn’t seem right either. (And it’s not the sort of jacket to have zip-in parts.)