People I've Seen Recently

15 May 2004

  1. Mick Jagger, at the Ser­pen­tine Gallery in Hyde Park.

  2. A guy with a snake draped over his shoul­ders on the Central Line. The snake was about two feet long, and not es­pe­cially vicious-looking. (It did have that “scary snake look” to it of course though.) He and his friends were playing with it. When he got up to get out at Tot­ten­ham Court Road he draped it over his neck and pulled the collar of his shirt up a bit higher.

  3. A home­less guy sleep­ing on the street near Holborn Station. Beside his head was a full platter of sand­wiches on a silver dish, with Glad Wrap still cov­er­ing it. His fly was also open and you could see things. Eww.