LATELY — 3 November 2004

Election Notes

Wow, I’m sur­prised I’m so annoyed that Bush won…

Some thoughts:

  • I think Bush will be better for Iraq (if not for any­thing else)–maybe Kerry would have done a better job of in­vad­ing and sta­bil­is­ing Iraq in the first place, but at least Bush doesn’t have the excuse that he can’t fix it because the pre­vi­ous guy broke it. (Though in the public-opinion-driven world of in­ter­na­tional pol­i­tics Kerry would have had the ad­van­tage that he’s “not Bush,” so who knows…)

  • Kerry losing the popular vote (by approx. 3%?) is no big deal. The rules say you win if you win the elec­toral vote, so of course he’s not going to focus on winning the elec­toral vote and not the popular vote. If it was the popular vote that counted, the dif­fer­ence would have been less.

  • Daschle got beat in South Dakota? Wow.

  • William Saletan reckons that next time, the De­moc­rats need to nom­i­nate someone more like Bush. (That is, someone folksy, simple, and straight-forward, like Edwards.) The think­ing behind this seems to be: some other guy won; for us to win we need to be like that guy, but better–that is, an uber-Bush. This seems misguided, even if he’s only talking about per­sonal qualities, not po­lit­i­cal views. (Er, I’m not sug­gest­ing that Hillary would make a good candidate.)

  • What’s the deal with those exit polls??