LATELY — 29 December 2004

Analog vs. Digital

Exclamation of a ten-year-old girl, as she approached Yosemite Falls, as reported by my parents: “This is awesome! It looks digital!”

I’m in Melbourne at the moment where I’m, oh, seeing family and friends, drinking Caramel Big M’s and Slurpees, and eating Barbeque Shapes. Back in London on the 4th.

I saw the Incredibles last night with my brother. (One incredible thing that happened: because I read the schedule wrong, we had to rapidly switch from one cinema complex to another; we were expecting to miss some 10 minutes, but we arrived precisely as the Disney logo appeared on the screen!) I’ve always been disappointed with animated films and the Incredibles was, despite high hopes, no exception. There were funny moments, but the whole thing didn’t add up to anything very meaningful. Perhaps it’s because I find it hard to empathise with animated characters. (Not only are the characters not real, but they’re not even real people pretending to be real!) I have a similar problem when seeing old movies: someone might look pretty good on screen, but if it was filmed 20 or 30 years ago and they’re now old, or dead, I find it impossible to be attracted to them, which leads to a slightly incomplete movie experience.