DRM is sexist

22 January 2005

Cory Doc­torow is very proud of his new ar­gu­ment against DRM:

"Not one of these systems has ever pre­vented piracy or illegal copying. When pressed, these en­ti­ties will surely admit that this tech­nol­ogy is not meant to be proof against a skilled attacker, but rather it is meant as a "speed bump" that works on "average users" to "keep honest users honest." If they are par­tic­u­larly dis­re­spect­ful of 52 percent of the world's population, they might even tell you that this is the kind of thing that their mothers can't defeat."

So … now DRM is bad because it’s … sexist?

Anyway, consumer-level DRM is so not tech­ni­cally impossible! Once players have on-chip cryp­tog­ra­phy support, and content starts being in­di­vid­u­ally en­crypted for your in­di­vid­ual device, it won’t be pos­si­ble to access unau­tho­rised content without getting your player mod-chipped. (Not even content that’s been ripped from mod-chipped players.) And it’s not so dif­fi­cult to make mod-chipping hard enough.