LATELY — 22 January 2005

DRM is sexist

Cory Doctorow is very proud of his new argument against DRM:

“Not one of these systems has ever prevented piracy or illegal copying. When pressed, these entities will surely admit that this technology is not meant to be proof against a skilled attacker, but rather it is meant as a”speed bump" that works on “average users” to “keep honest users honest.” If they are particularly disrespectful of 52 percent of the world’s population, they might even tell you that this is the kind of thing that their mothers can’t defeat."

So … now DRM is bad because it’s … sexist?

Anyway, consumer-level DRM is so not technically impossible! Once players have on-chip cryptography support, and content starts being individually encrypted for your individual device, it won’t be possible to access unauthorised content without getting your player mod-chipped. (Not even content that’s been ripped from mod-chipped players.) And it’s not so difficult to make mod-chipping hard enough.