LATELY — 14 January 2006

Change and little Japanese restaurants

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to, after two years, go back to your little neighbourhood Japanese restaurant ee3b6acb.jpg and find that everything’s exactly the same as when you left f06365ef.jpg? The prices haven’t changed (except for Coke38af1a17.jpg), the little cardboard “Sold Out” signs are still in operation b93fbd5c.jpg, the charming hand-illustrated sign on the front still advises “No alcohol / No bare-feet” fe0a4a4d.jpg, the staff still consist of Japanese exchange students who take your money with both hands, and who are presumably responsible for the hand-lettered cardboard “business cards” that you get with your take-away d5ca7128.jpg.

Actually, maybe it is depressing that nothing has changed. (Are you surviving, little Japanese neighbourhood restaurant? Are you prospering?) And why is charm so important? Why do I want you not to change?

Isn’t it supposed to be all about the food 578e9d5c.jpg, the awesome food?

(Miyoshi is 85 Swan St, Richmond, Victoria, Australia, and is rated T for tasty.)