LATELY — 3 February 2006

New Design

Hey, check out the new blog design:

I still need to add archive links (not difficult), flip banner photo to flickr links (difficult if it’s done “right”), and the other tweaks mentioned below. The Tech­no­rati lookups aren’t live. Not sure how to do this, actually. What I want is a caching proxy (i.e. some­times it does a “real” request, some­times it returns cached data) that:

  • does “new” searches more frequently. i.e. if a post is a new, query Tech­no­rati every few hours, or ever few days; if post is a few months old, query Tech­no­rati every few days or weeks.
  • limits itself to some number of queries per day.

Actually, It would be nice if it pre-fetched about-to-expire content (i.e. so that clients never hit an “expired” cache, and have to do a real-time Tech­no­rati query).