American Girls

31 May 2006

Haven’t updated this in a while, sorry. Just got back from Paris. Before that I was in NYC. (Turns out I was managed to get to NYC, London and Paris in the same week.)

Let’s play with some Amer­i­can stereotypes!

“An Amer­i­can girl visited Beethoven’s home, saw the piano at which he wrote the Ninth Symphony, flung herself at it and banged out a few notes. ‘I suppose you get a lot of famous people in here’, she said to the guide. ‘Ja, Fraulein. Paderewski was here a few days ago.’ ‘Say, did he play too?’ `Nein, Faulein. He thought he was not worthy.’”

– Bruce Clavering, Sunday Referee, 9 Aug 1936. (In Frank S. Pepper, Contemporary Bi­o­graph­i­cal Quotations, pp. 223-4.)

(Wasn’t he deaf by this time? Would you still use a piano if you were deaf? Oh, it’s in a book so it must be true.)