Entry Posted February 20, 2003

http://www.nytimes.com/2003/02/19/opinion/19FRIE.html “Tell people the truth. Saddam does not threaten us today. He can be deterred. Taking him out is a war of choice—but it’s a legitimate choice. It’s because he is undermining the U.N., it’s because if left alone he will seek weapons that will threaten all his neighbors, it’s because you believe the people of Iraq deserve to be liberated from his tyranny, and it’s because you intend to help Iraqis create a progressive state that could stimulate reform in the Arab/Muslim world, so that this region won’t keep churning out angry young people who are attracted to radical Islam and are the real weapons of mass destruction.”

I didn’t attend any peace rally last weekend because, well, I don’t think I support the same sort of peace that the peace movement seems to want: the temporary and cheap peace wrought by appeasement, lack of courage, an unwillingness do very much about other people’s problems, and so forth. (Pastor Niemöller’s “First they came for the Jews…” is an argument for preëmptive action as much as it is an argument for the spirited defence of persecuted minorities.)

(Actually, I’m not sure if I completely agree with Friedman on the need for war but I think I am closer to war than no war. Christopher Hitchens has more on France’s deceit.) 12:10