Entry Posted May 7, 2004

http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/s1103158.htm “Bush ‘sorry’ for Iraqi prison abuse.” And ABC just couldn’t resist! Bush did use the word “sorry,” but to take it out of context and put it between quotation marks casts “doubt on the [word’s] sincerity … [making] something kind of snide and sinister out of something simple and straightforward.” (As Dave Eggers wrote of a similar situation.)

With quotes: BBC, Xinhuanet.

Without: New York Times, The Age, The Guardian, Aljazeera.

The Washington Post—perhaps realising that there was no way to use “sorry” in a headline without either (a) vouching for its sincerity at A1 headline scale or (b) making it appear insincere—sensibly avoided the word entirely and went with Bush Apologizes, Calls Abuse ‘Stain’ on Nation.

(Google News: bush sorry.) 22:48