Entry Posted December 27, 2006

http://www.heifer.org/site/c.edJRKQNiFiG/b.204586/ One day I’ll write this up properly, but in the meantime here’s another datapoint in the manipulative and misleading charity category: Heifer International’s online gift catalog lists pigs, honeybees, and a flock of ducks among the concrete and specific (and cute) gifts you can give to needy families around the world—but if you read the fine print, you find that your purchase is “symbolic” and “represents a contribution to the entire mission of Heifer International.” (To reinforce the impression that you’re not simply writing a check, the copy goes like so: “The Joy To The World collection includes two sheep, four goats, a heifer and two llamas. These animals mean new hope in the lives of the hardworking poor families who receive them. Cow and goats’ milk is full of nutrients and your animals will provide a family with daily provisions of vitamin-rich milk.” Way to subvert and distort the otherwise straightforward gift catalog concept!) 08:28