Entry Posted March 8, 2007

http://www.newyorker.com/ The New Yorker has redesigned! Some notes:

  • overall, much cleaner, nicer and more modern (though it does feel a lot like New York Magazine)
  • cartoons are incorporated in stories
  • there’s a search by author
  • and official RSS feeds (going by the URL, the very first feed seems to include everything, though this isn’t obvious from the description)
  • it’s designed for a wide screen: the site itself if 1024 pixels wide (there ’s no gutter to take into account dock, etc.)
  • the only ads appear to be for various bits of New Yorker merchandise
  • the special “online only” section has animated cartoons—did these exist before? (And is this one appropriate for the New Yorker?!)
  • most of the links are broken; of the 91 newyorker.com pages I’ve linked to in my blog, 79 now 404.