HAYCORN — 28 July 2006

Mighty Mouse Review

A thought struck me the other day: I’ve had pretty good luck with buying Apple prod­ucts and not having them su­per­seded in the next, like, month. I’ve had my 12" Power­Book for about two years; this was on sale until the MacBook came out (around April?), and it was prob­a­bly only 15% slower/different than the best portable until the MacBook Pros came out in February. I’ve also also have an Airport Express, Shuffle, and Blue­tooth key­board for at least 18 months, all of which haven’t been upgraded. I’ve had the video iPod since that came out 9 or 10 months ago.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty happy with all of these except for the mouse, which was felt too heavy and big, didn’t right-click, and wouldn’t work smoothly on the lightly pol­ished wood of my (Ikea) desk. (I did get a mouse mat for it even­tu­ally after putting up with the jerky action for a while, but the mat slides around the desk–not the mouse’s fault, but it still makes me resent the mouse anyway.) So, when the Blue­tooth Mighty Mouse came out I ordered it straight away. It arrived the next day, which seemed pretty quick.

The Blue­tooth Mighty Mouse is an im­prove­ment over my old mouse in several ways: it’s lighter, it tracks prop­erly on my desk it feels smaller (from looking at it, it ac­tu­ally isn’t smaller, so this must be just because it’s lighter), and it RIGHT CLICKS! There’s a few things I don’t like about it though:

  • The squeeze func­tion re­quires a sur­pris­ingly strong squeeze–I ba­si­cally can’t do it without in­ad­ver­tently moving the mouse.

  • The scroll ball is very small which makes it dif­fi­cult to scroll smoothly through documents. The big scroll wheel on my Mi­crosoft Mouse at work is much better. You do get used to it very quickly though. I’ll prob­a­bly find it dif­fi­cult to go back to a mouse without a scroll wheel/bar.

  • The maximum track­ing speed is too slow! I want a faster mouse! I’m pretty sure the maximum track­ing speed is “slower” than the old mouse.

  • I haven’t had any prob­lems with the needing to lift the left finger up to right-click.

  • Not being able to see any­thing coming out from the bottom of the mouse is … strange! (There’s a small green LED that tells you whether the mouse is on or not.)

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied: it’s an ex­pen­sive mouse, but it’s quite an im­prove­ment over the old mouse, and I think the small prob­lems I do have with it I’ll work out/get used to over time.