HAYCORN — 29 October 2007


Róisín Murphy, “Dear Miami”–ooh that’s a good track.

Leopard is nice.

I moved the Dock over to the right side straight away, and it looks okay there now.

I might be able to replace Quicksilver with the (much faster) Spotlight–still experimenting.

Virtual Desktops was something that I really missed after switching from Linux to a Mac. (Especially since my Mac had a 12" screen.) I’m not completely comfortable with Spaces yet. It would be nice if you could switch from one space to another by scrolling with the mouse. (Though that breaks the otherwise infinitely high menu bar, I guess.) Some windows and dialog boxes seem to pop up on the wrong screen though (they way they do all the time on a dual-screen Windows machine).

Time Machine seems incredibly wasteful but I’m going to use it anyway, and try not to fret that a movie I just downloaded has ended up on my backed-up-for-all-time external drive. I guess I should exclude the “Downloads” directory from Time Machine? If a directory is added to the exclude list, does it retrospectively get removed from Time Machine backups? What directories and extensions are excluded by default?