29 October 2007

Róisín Murphy, “Dear Miami”–ooh that’s a good track.

Leopard is nice.

I moved the Dock over to the right side straight away, and it looks okay there now.

I might be able to replace Quick­sil­ver with the (much faster) Spotlight–still experimenting.

Virtual Desk­tops was some­thing that I really missed after switch­ing from Linux to a Mac. (Especially since my Mac had a 12” screen.) I’m not com­pletely com­fort­able with Spaces yet. It would be nice if you could switch from one space to another by scrolling with the mouse. (Though that breaks the oth­er­wise in­fi­nitely high menu bar, I guess.) Some windows and dialog boxes seem to pop up on the wrong screen though (they way they do all the time on a dual-screen Windows machine).

Time Machine seems in­cred­i­bly waste­ful but I’m going to use it anyway, and try not to fret that a movie I just down­loaded has ended up on my backed-up-for-all-time ex­ter­nal drive. I guess I should exclude the “Downloads” di­rec­tory from Time Machine? If a di­rec­tory is added to the exclude list, does it ret­ro­spec­tively get removed from Time Machine backups? What di­rec­to­ries and ex­ten­sions are ex­cluded by default?