On Woodstock 99

10 November 1999

“To the left of the runway, a row of twenty Porta Potties is leaking raw sewage into a stream of running water that is in turn flowing into the tent areas and col­lect­ing there in a series of small pools or lakes ranging in size from ten to thirty feet across. Raw sewage is not an easy smell to ignore. As the smell gets stronger, I notice that there are still people inside the tents, ap­par­ently awake and un­both­ered by the smell, which is so strong that I in­stinc­tively cover my nose and mouth and breathe in and out through my sleeve. It is hard to imagine why anyone would or­ga­nize a fes­ti­val of peace, love, and music where kids spend three days camped out in sewage. On the other hand, it is hard to imagine why anyone who found himself camped out in sewage wouldn’t ask for his money back, or at least move his tent.” – Wood­stock 99