Martin Amis and Steven Spielberg

11 November 1999

So said an in­dig­nant Mr. Steven Spiel­berg to Mr. Martin Amis, upon being asked why he had never dealt with sex in his movies: “I think I have an incredibly erotic imagination. It’s one of my am­bi­tions to make every­one in an 800-seat theatre come at the same time.” (This is in 1982–what are you waiting for Mr. Spielberg?)

Speak­ing of Mr. Amis, is anyone able to explain what he means by this: “Ms. Steinem has a lit­er­ary gift–her prose is swift and sure–yet this is not quite the same thing as a gift for literature.” Mr. Amis fre­quently spouts this sort of nonsense; for­tu­nately there are re­deem­ing qualities.