That Harmony Korine, He Sure Is a Mixed-up Kid

12 December 1999

That Harmony Korine, he sure is a mixed up kid.

The De­cem­ber Harper’s has an extract from an in­ter­view with Korine (who fa­mously wrote “Kids” at eighteen) in which he de­scribes his attempt to make “Fight”, a Buster Keaton-styled comedy about big guys beating up little guys. He even­tu­ally aban­doned the project because he was “getting really hurt and ar­rested and weird shit started happening”.

The thing is, in “Fight”, the part of the little guy is played by Korine, and the fights are real. This strat­egy has led to several serious injuries, in­clud­ing a broken left ankle, sus­tained when a “fucking bouncer from Stringfellow’s” stomped on in it.

Pretty full-on movie-making that.

[I typed in part of the article.]