LATELY — 12 December 1999

That Harmony Korine, He Sure Is a Mixed-up Kid

That Harmony Korine, he sure is a mixed up kid.

The December Harper’s has an extract from an interview with Korine (who famously wrote “Kids” at eighteen) in which he describes his attempt to make “Fight”, a Buster Keaton-styled comedy about big guys beating up little guys. He eventually abandoned the project because he was “getting really hurt and arrested and weird shit started happening”.

The thing is, in “Fight”, the part of the little guy is played by Korine, and the fights are real. This strategy has led to several serious injuries, including a broken left ankle, sustained when a “fucking bouncer from Stringfellow’s” stomped on in it.

Pretty full-on movie-making that.

[I typed in part of the article.]