LATELY — 26 February 2000

What My Wallet Has Inside It

Everything’s gone to hell and I’ve been boring lately, so here’s the contents of my wallet:


  1. One Monash University Identity Card, with bad photo.
  2. One American Express Card, linked to my parents’.
  3. One photocopy card, unsigned.
  4. One Telstra “Smart” Phonecard. Bears cartoon drawing of bunny rabbit. I don’t think this has any more calls left on it.
  5. One Commonwealth Bank Keycard.
  6. One International Student Identity Card, with old photo. I don’t know why this is here, I don’t need it anymore.
  7. One “Driver Licence”, number 51968326.
  8. One 3RRR subscriber card. 3RRR is a public radio station.
  9. One card, green, indicating that I am a member of the Monash Co-Operative Bookshop. This item is in poor condition; it is made of cardboard and is slightly larger than a standard credit card.
  10. One “Monash Fitness Gym” membership card, expired.
  11. One Community Chest card: “You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect $10.”


  1. $2.95 in coins–1 x $2, 3 x $0.20, 2 x $0.10, 3 x $0.05. [I heard this line on “Duckman” last night as I was flipping by: “When I was a kid, it took five quarters to make a dollar.”]
  2. One $10 note.
  3. One $1 note. This one is a US dollar.


  1. One receipt from Coles Supermarket. I bought “O/M DRINK 2L” and “1960 MILK DY”. These two items came to $3.93, I paid $5.00 cash and received $1.05 in change. (Australia has no one or two cent coins; rounding was involved.)
  2. One receipt from Borders Books and Music. I bought a “PERIODICAL”–Colors Magazine–which cost $10.00.
  3. One receipt from the Monash Sports Centre. I paid $55.00 for a three month gym membership.
  4. One receipt from Monash University. I paid a library fine of $35.30.


  1. One slip of paper with the number (202) 328-2000 written on it, in my handwriting. I don’t remember anything about this. Is 202 the area code for Washington D.C.?