Nine Silly Short Stories in the Style of a Familiar Palindrome

6 March 2000

Nine^*^ Silly Short Stories in the Style of a Fa­mil­iar Palin­drome

(The palin­drome is “A man, a plan, a canal–Panama!”.)

  1. A pan, three eggs, some ham–Omelette!
  2. Ten thou­sand men, some stone, much time–Pyramid!
  3. A man, his wife, an alien sock–Divorce!
  4. Three sturdy men, three stock­ing masks, one scrib­bled note–Holdup!
  5. A wintry night, some lighter fuel, a match, lit–Arson!
  6. A pitch, a swing, a goodly thwack–First Base!
  7. Two ounces gin, splash ver­mouth (dry), plump olive (one)–Martini!
  8. A G, a B, a D–G Major!
  9. A deaded cow, an aproned man, a knife, sharp–Rump Steak!

^*^ Ten were planned, but the wheels feel off with the score at nine. If you can render assistance, please do.

Readers respond!