The Big Ten-Oh-Oh-Oh

A few years ago I read an article about some famous celebrity-type who had a preference for women ten thousand days old. (I wish I could remember who this was; he was a painter or poet, I think; famous, but not extremely so.) He believed that women of that age were at their mental, sexual and physical peak.

Ten thousand days is equivalent to 27 years, five months, and (about) three weeks. The word “myriad” originally referred to a quantity of ten thousand; I propose that the date on which you turn ten thousand days old be known as your Myriad. You can use this form to calculate when it falls:

Your date of birth: (day) / (month) / (year)

Today, you are days old.

You will be (or were) ^*^ days old on .

Your next “even thousandth” birthday is your th which falls on . Why not take the day off?

^*^ You can edit this field too.