The Big Ten-Oh-Oh-Oh

8 August 2000

A few years ago I read an article about some famous celebrity-type who had a pref­er­ence for women ten thou­sand days old. (I wish I could re­mem­ber who this was; he was a painter or poet, I think; famous, but not ex­tremely so.) He be­lieved that women of that age were at their mental, sexual and phys­i­cal peak.

Ten thou­sand days is equiv­a­lent to 27 years, five months, and (about) three weeks. The word “myriad” orig­i­nally re­ferred to a quan­tity of ten thousand; I propose that the date on which you turn ten thou­sand days old be known as your Myriad. You can use this form to cal­cu­late when it falls:

Your date of birth: (day) / (month) / (year)

Today, you are days old.

You will be (or were) ^*^ days old on .

Your next “even thousandth” birth­day is your th which falls on . Why not take the day off?

^*^ You can edit this field too.