My Desktop

22 August 2000

I like looking at people’s desktops. Olivia Ball has some in this directory.

At 1:1 scale, here’s my NW “Work” desk, which here fea­tures my “kick-ass” mail reader (nmh) and some python code, my NE “Netscape” desk, and my SW “Misc1” desk, which fea­tures jed editing the XML source of my home page. I don’t cur­rently have any­thing on my SE “Misc2” desk.

These are all in .png format and between 80k and 150k. Netscape dis­plays .png files incorrectly; here’s my NW, NE and SW at 1:2 scale and in .jpg format. (30k-50k.)

I’m running Helix Code Gnome on RedHat 6.2. The back­ground (which you can’t really see) is a shot of the stairs to an apart­ment build­ing in Paris. I ran­domly scatter URLs I might want to read sometime, but not now, on the desktop. The theme is DragDome. bash is my shell and slrn is my newsreader.