LATELY — 15 November 2000

Update, Ponderings

Sorry for not updating much. I’ve been working on my thesis. So I’m behind in my email, my guestbook love, life…

My mind wanders. Sometimes I try to think of first names that begin with a doubled first letter. The ones I’ve come up with: Aaron, Lloyd,–and here we get obscure–Oona (O’Neill–the playwright Eugene O’Neill’s daughter, wife of Charlie Chaplin) and Ffion (Jenkins–William Hague’s wife). Are there more? I wonder.

Other questions consume me too. Another is: inventions I could’ve come up with, if only I’d been born at the right time. There are so many: the flush toilet, stirrups, the printing press, bicycles, safety pins, tumbler locks. And I reckon I could’ve worked out perspective, circulation, germs and zero if I’d had the chance. Now there’s only bullshit math stuff left, like how many spins a Higgs Boson has left after being rammed seven times by a Charm Quark.

The New Yorker said that Beebo.Org “functions as a blog best-seller list.” Ha! Sorry, New Yorker readers, sorry: I’m not actually doing the ratings anymore. I didn’t like my code, I didn’t like weblogs, I didn’t have time, and I just didn’t care. Anyway, I can report that having your site mentioned fleetingly in The New Yorker barely registers on your stats.