I can't believe I'm praising a bank

18 July 2004

(This is largely for Google’s benefit:) Has anyone suc­cess­fully used a First Direct Switch card (debit?) with the UK iTunes store? I can’t get it to recog­nise my card. (I’ve used the same card on on-line shop­ping sites before.) I really want to buy some songs.

First Direct has been a pretty good bank to me so far–I rec­om­mend them. They’re an in­ter­net bank, so they’re no good if you like (or need) to go into branches. However, their phone support is excellent: you dial, and you get a person straight away–there’s no number to type! (Actually, some­times you get put on hold for a minute, but there’s still no numbers to type.) Their staff, too, are ac­tu­ally helpful and know what they’re talking about.