Nicholson Baker's Post-It

29 August 2004

The in­ter­net is killing me. I keep surfing the web when I’m sup­posed to be writing code! Just then, as I sat down to do some work, I “remembered” reading an article on Nichol­son Baker which de­scribed how he has a Post-It note stuck to his screen re­mind­ing him to “ONLY E-MAIL”–and so I decided I had to hunt this down for my quotes file! Another 5 minutes gone!

“He [Nicholson Baker] lost a month of 2003 to his ob­ses­sion with the news, swore off Google News and blogs–he now has a Post-It on his screen saying ONLY E-MAIL–and finally wrote the first draft of “Checkpoint” in April 2004, during the siege of Fallujah, because he could think about nothing else.”

– David Gates, “Target: The President”, Newsweek, 2004-08-09