Gmail invitations

25 September 2004

Re­cently I’ve been sending any gmail in­vi­ta­tions I have in excess of 3 along to ( sends them on to people who want a gmail account–see the gmail invite spooler.)

Since gmail send me email to tell my that my “friend” has ac­cepted my invitation, I get to see what account names random people are choosing. So far people have reg­is­tered roy0125, forhad15, krafthome, ChunyiWu, h.oesten, diebor, oooong, GuyZeku and auntiepiggy. Have the regular names really all gone now? (Maybe: my father couldn’t get john.stillwell a week ago, though still­well was available, strangely.) And is there really any reason to have roy0125 or forhad15 as your account name ever?

Just so you know, I score a poor hotmail/gmail/yahoo account name as -1 for style, unless you’re a kid, in which case you can go crazy. Maybe I should explain how I score email-related style mistakes: