LATELY — 25 September 2004

Gmail invitations

Recently I’ve been sending any gmail invitations I have in excess of 3 along to ( sends them on to people who want a gmail account–see the gmail invite spooler.)

Since gmail send me email to tell my that my “friend” has accepted my invitation, I get to see what account names random people are choosing. So far people have registered roy0125, forhad15, krafthome, ChunyiWu, h.oesten, diebor, oooong, GuyZeku and auntiepiggy. Have the regular names really all gone now? (Maybe: my father couldn’t get john.stillwell a week ago, though stillwell was available, strangely.) And is there really any reason to have roy0125 or forhad15 as your account name ever?

Just so you know, I score a poor hotmail/gmail/yahoo account name as -1 for style, unless you’re a kid, in which case you can go crazy. Maybe I should explain how I score email-related style mistakes:

  • poor account name: -1
  • use of smiley: -1
  • frequent use of smileys: -2
  • apostrophecation error: -2
  • frequent apostrophecation errors: -3