The humor is there, but it's dark

12 October 2004

“Now working on a second book, Silver is finding the tran­si­tion from gang­ster to author difficult, but only because so many people confuse the reality with what they see in gang­ster films. ‘The public have a very strong image of what gang­sters are like, and it’s tied up with the likes of Lenny McLean or Dave Courtney, but that’s a long way from the truth. I did an in­ter­view with a jour­nal­ist from one of the lads’ mags and he asked me if I had any funny stories. I didn’t know what to say. To me, the time I put a nonce case in a coma was fucking hilarious. I fell about laugh­ing afterwards. We used to laugh when we tor­tured people, too. I don’t think he understood. I think he wanted a tale about the time we went out to rob a bank, pulled our guns out and our trousers fell down around our ankles.

“‘The humour is there, but it’s dark. And that’s how it should be. These people go around pre­tend­ing to be some kind of Robin Hood, but the truth is that they’re scumbags, and I should know because I used to be a scumbag too.’”

– “Novel lifts the lid on secrets of gangland