Technology gripe of the week

7 August 2005

… why, in 2005, do mobile phones run out of storage space? In particular, text message storage space? I got a K750i re­cently and–silly me–I simply assumed that it would be able to store at least a mod­er­ate number of text messages. (Where “moderate” would be, oh, a few thousand.) But no, it craps out at a few hundred, and I have to delete them one by one using the craptastic, slow, painful interface.

This is es­pe­cially frus­trat­ing when you realise that a lifetime’s worth of “considered” output would fit on, oh, a CD. (By which I mean: if you write, the CD stores just the text; if you write music, the CD con­tains the score only; etc.) Everything you ever say or write would take up a DVD. (Maybe two DVDs.) And they can’t add a few megabytes to store text messages?

(P.S. is presently down, which means that is down, which means that I can’t get email at my usual address. I’ll (eventually) get any mail sent to me, but in the meantime, add a cc to