Nilo Rodis-Jamero, I like his style

1 November 2005

Star Wars de­signer Nilo Rodis-Jamero, in­ter­viewed by Giant Robot, issue 35:

GR: The first movie you worked on was The Empire Strikes Back. How did you get the job at ILM?

NRJ: Got a call to join Lu­cas­film out of the blue. I an­swered three ques­tions wrong and got the job. (1) Do I like science fiction books. (2) Do I like science fiction movies? (3) Do I like movies? The answer to all was no.

GR: What do you think of the design and art di­rec­tion of Episode 1 and Episode 2? NRJ: I haven't seen the movies.

GR: Wow! Why is that? NRJ: I am not into movies.

GR: But you said earlier you’re into good stories. Can’t movies tell good stories? NRJ: They do. I’m still not into movies.