Oh Australia

21 December 2005

I’m back in Australia, and what a sight! New rules:


“Education De­part­ment di­rec­tive re­quires schools to set up ball ex­clu­sion zones around buildings. De­signed to stop balls from getting on roofs, but met wide­spread crit­i­cism for threat­en­ing popular play­ground games such as kick-to-kick and four-square. Teach­ers must also now undergo ladder train­ing to re­trieve balls from roofs, and adhere to strict guide­lines about when and how to re­trieve the balls.”



“Education De­part­ment guide­lines re­strict what stu­dents are allowed do in some industries. For instance, stu­dents doing work ex­pe­ri­ence in veterinary, park or wildlife centres are banned from having direct contact with animals. Stu­dents doing a work place­ment at a hair­dress­ing or beauty parlour are banned from using scissors.”

My mother (being a teacher) has ac­tu­ally at­tended the ladder train­ing course. I’m a little unclear on what the course ac­tu­ally covers, but it seems that the topics dis­cussed include ladder-to-wall angles, the ad­van­tages of short ladders, and when to seek the help of pro­fes­sional main­te­nance people.

OMG, Wikipedia has an entry for four square! And British Bulldogs! (Nothing for down ball, brandy or croc­o­dile tiggy though. I fucking rocked at croc­o­dile tiggy.)