LATELY — 21 December 2005

Oh Australia

I’m back in Australia, and what a sight! New rules:


“Education Department directive requires schools to set up ball exclusion zones around buildings. Designed to stop balls from getting on roofs, but met widespread criticism for threatening popular playground games such as kick-to-kick and four-square. Teachers must also now undergo ladder training to retrieve balls from roofs, and adhere to strict guidelines about when and how to retrieve the balls.”



“Education Department guidelines restrict what students are allowed do in some industries. For instance, students doing work experience in veterinary, park or wildlife centres are banned from having direct contact with animals. Students doing a work placement at a hairdressing or beauty parlour are banned from using scissors.”

My mother (being a teacher) has actually attended the ladder training course. I’m a little unclear on what the course actually covers, but it seems that the topics discussed include ladder-to-wall angles, the advantages of short ladders, and when to seek the help of professional maintenance people.

OMG, Wikipedia has an entry for four square! And British Bulldogs! (Nothing for down ball, brandy or crocodile tiggy though. I fucking rocked at crocodile tiggy.)