Airing of grievances

23 December 2005

  1. I was sup­posed to be back at work in London on the 3rd of January, but my company are slack­ers and it now looks as if I won’t be back until February. (I’m out of working holiday visa, and they need to get me a new one. Among other things, they have to ad­ver­tise my job for 28 days, and they put the job ad in on the 20th.) I was plan­ning to work on some little web pro­jects (i.e. fix up my website) in the time I was here, but maybe now I should set my sights some­what higher and work on some­thing for a month…

  2. Because they’ve been away, my parents set their broad­band to the contractually-specified minimum of 600mb a month. You can’t change this in the middle of the month; we blew through it in about three days and now we’re on 64k until January! Even threat­en­ing to throw money at them doesn’t help. So now I can report which sites ac­tu­ally work okay on dial-up speeds and the answer is … not a single one of them. (Google, the Wikipedia, and BBC News (low graphics!) are tolerable.)

This is my first ever “friends” post, by the way. Is this what you’re sup­posed to put here? Indulgence? Sex life news?