LATELY — 23 December 2005

Airing of grievances

  1. I was supposed to be back at work in London on the 3rd of January, but my company are slackers and it now looks as if I won’t be back until February. (I’m out of working holiday visa, and they need to get me a new one. Among other things, they have to advertise my job for 28 days, and they put the job ad in on the 20th.) I was planning to work on some little web projects (i.e. fix up my website) in the time I was here, but maybe now I should set my sights somewhat higher and work on something for a month…

  2. Because they’ve been away, my parents set their broadband to the contractually-specified minimum of 600mb a month. You can’t change this in the middle of the month; we blew through it in about three days and now we’re on 64k until January! Even threatening to throw money at them doesn’t help. So now I can report which sites actually work okay on dial-up speeds and the answer is … not a single one of them. (Google, the Wikipedia, and BBC News (low graphics!) are tolerable.)

This is my first ever “friends” post, by the way. Is this what you’re supposed to put here? Indulgence? Sex life news?