Australian Phonetic Alphabet

4 January 2006

Had a few mates over the other night but it was so totally not rock and roll because a number of the poor dar­lings were ap­par­ently still re­cov­er­ing from NYE and weren’t drinking. (Also, at one point we somehow ended up weigh­ing ourselves, which is not par­tic­u­larly rock and roll either. Oh, scratch that, weigh­ing our­selves is not rock and roll AT ALL.)

We did manage to compose an Aussie pho­netic al­pha­bet though:

a arvo (anzac) b boony (beautie, bogan, bonza) c cobber d dingo (dunny) e eureka, echidna, eu­ca­lypt f footy g goanna h howzat i illawarra (innaminka) j jumbuck (jackaroo) k kan­ga­roo (koala) l lar­rikin m mate n no worries o ocker (oi oi oi, outback) p pub (platypus, pilbara) q queens­lan­der (qantas) r rooted (roo) s stuffed (strewth) t tassie u up yours (uluru) v vb w warney (wagga wagga, woop woop, wombat) x xxxx y yobbo (yabbie, “for beater”) z zonked (zinc cream, mozzie)

Slightly weak letters are e, i and z. Any suggestions?