LATELY — 4 January 2006

Australian Phonetic Alphabet

Had a few mates over the other night but it was so totally not rock and roll because a number of the poor darlings were apparently still recovering from NYE and weren’t drinking. (Also, at one point we somehow ended up weighing ourselves, which is not particularly rock and roll either. Oh, scratch that, weighing ourselves is not rock and roll AT ALL.)

We did manage to compose an Aussie phonetic alphabet though:

a arvo (anzac) b boony (beautie, bogan, bonza) c cobber d dingo (dunny) e eureka, echidna, eucalypt f footy g goanna h howzat i illawarra (innaminka) j jumbuck (jackaroo) k kangaroo (koala) l larrikin m mate n no worries o ocker (oi oi oi, outback) p pub (platypus, pilbara) q queenslander (qantas) r rooted (roo) s stuffed (strewth) t tassie u up yours (uluru) v vb w warney (wagga wagga, woop woop, wombat) x xxxx y yobbo (yabbie, “for beater”) z zonked (zinc cream, mozzie)

Slightly weak letters are e, i and z. Any suggestions?