My interests include entering my personal details on social networking sites over and over and over

23 December 2005

I’ve been pa­trolling the social net­work­ing sites a little bit re­cently and they’re making me mad. They’re all ugly, slow, and inelegant, from 43peo­ple on down. (Orkut is truly horrible.) But the main an­noy­ance is that they ask for the same in­for­ma­tion over and over and over. As far as I can remember, I’ve made at least some effort to enter my friends, in­ter­ests and incli­ca­tions on:

(The only ones that are mod­er­ately within-network com­plete are live­jour­nal and flickr. 43peo­ple might be close (not so many people on that) and sixde­grees may have also been com­plete at the time.)

Please can I do this just once?! Is this the problem XFM and FOAF are sup­posed to solve?