LATELY — 23 December 2005

My interests include entering my personal details on social networking sites over and over and over

I’ve been patrolling the social networking sites a little bit recently and they’re making me mad. They’re all ugly, slow, and inelegant, from 43people on down. (Orkut is truly horrible.) But the main annoyance is that they ask for the same information over and over and over. As far as I can remember, I’ve made at least some effort to enter my friends, interests and inclications on:

  • sixdegrees (when did this die?)
  • friendster
  • orkut (not seriously)
  • myspace (not seriously)
  • livejournal
  • flickr
  • amazon
  • 43people

(The only ones that are moderately within-network complete are livejournal and flickr. 43people might be close (not so many people on that) and sixdegrees may have also been complete at the time.)

Please can I do this just once?! Is this the problem XFM and FOAF are supposed to solve?