LATELY — 27 February 2006

The Indulgent Kate Bush

I bought Kate Bush’s Aerial yesterday, and it’s, ooh, about the most in­dul­gent album I’ve ever bought.

  • It’s a double album.
  • The discs have names: the first is A Sea of Honey and the second is A Sky of Honey.
  • The second disc has both a “Prelude” and a “Prologue.”
  • One song con­sists of her reciting the digits of pi. (Also, the song is called π, not pi.)
  • Another ends with bits of whispered, breath­less French.
  • Another starts with a very softly-spoken sound en­gi­neer saying: “Yeess, I need to get that tone a little bit lighter there … maybe with some dark accents coming in from this side. Mmmm, that’s good…”
  • The title track has Kate Bush giggling for over a minute, to the sound of birds chirping.

It’s very lush and mostly pretty though.

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