LATELY — 27 February 2006

Change and little Japanese Restaurants

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to, after two years, go back to your little neighbourhood Japanese restaurant and find that everything’s exactly the same as when you left ? The prices haven’t changed (except for Coke), the little cardboard “Sold Out” signs are still in operation , the charming hand-illustrated sign on the front still advises “No alcohol / No bare-feet” , the staff still consist of Japanese exchange students who take your money with both hands, and who are presumably responsible for the hand-lettered cardboard “business cards” that you get with your take-away .

Actually, maybe it is depressing that nothing has changed. (Are you surviving, little Japanese neighbourhood restaurant? Are you prospering?) And why is charm so important? Why do I want you not to change?

It’s all about the food , right?

(Miyoshi is 85 Swan St, Richmond, Victoria, Australia, and is rated T for tasty.)